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Kaspersky AntiVirus Personal Pro crash

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... Let me tell you what's happening in quite a few words:

every second boot, XP reaches the desktop, resident progs. start to load,..., and there it is, XP is frozen, I get the hourglass when pointing the cursor at the task bar... just got to cold reboot and it should boot ok.

I point at Kaspersky Antivirus Personal Pro because the problem started to show up right after I installed it. Antiviral ToolKit Pro was installed before (previous XP install) and worked flawlessly.

When I uninstall KAV Personal Pro, and reinstall AVP everything's ok ! To be sure, I put back KAV and here we go again: XP freezes at the very near end of loading the desktop !

I must mention though that sometimes, after 10 or 15 minutes, XP show me it is not frozen anymore !!! But it's rare !


Is it KAV itself, or a parameter whithin it ?


Please, help me find out !


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