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Can't play Quake III after patching...

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win2000 SP2

pIII 850


DX 8.1

voodoo 5500 PCI



A fresh install works fine, but whenever I try to patch it, any point release, I just get a black screen and am forced to shutdown. This is the first clean install of 2000 I had. All previous installs were upgrades from 98 cause I would always have a corrupt file or another on one of the four setup disks, so I got the disks from someone else.


Anyway, Quake ran fine on all previous installs, minus the refreshrate regedit it needed to get above 60hz, so I'm wondering if there was something left over from 98 that made it work. I've never had Quake problems I couldn't fix but with the new OS, I'm kinda stumped here.

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