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How Do I Increase Buffers in XP??

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I am trying to get STTNG: A Final Unity to install, and it refuses because it says I have 40 Files and 0 Buffers. It requires at least 20 Files and 20 Buffers.


I edited my config.sys file to say Files=40 and Buffers=40, no go, in fact, what I do to the config file has no impact on the amount of files/buffers I have.


What should I do?

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NT does not use Autoexec.bat/Config.sys while in NT. It parses autoexec.bat upon bootup but only for SET/PATH statements and then incorporates these into the registry. After bootup those files are useless.


Autoexec.nt/config.nt located in the \system32 directory are what you need. Haven't tried that game in NT so not sure if changing the settings you need will work.


Star Trek: 25th Anniversary works fine without any modifications in 2000/XP however. (Except you have to use VDMSound for sound)

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