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Chronos Video Shuttle II

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Hello Good People,


I trying to get my TV-Card a "Chronos Video Shuttle II" to run in Win2K/WinNT. The card only came with Win9x drivers on the installation CD. According to the list of NT compatiable software (on this site) the card should work in Win2K and WinNT. So at least one other person has the card and the drivers to run it in windows 2000. Can you please contact me with were I can locate the drivers. I have included the note about the card I found on this site below.


Please help,






Chronos Video Shuttle II (Chronos) Yes W2000 02/01

It works great if you install the following software. Use the drivers from the CD, the drivers on the web site fail. Use the executable in the drivers download from the website. The executable on the CD generates errors. Strange but true.

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