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evil Homer

Internet Time Keeping Wrong?

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Bit of a strange one this. XP is currently set to update its system clock from time.windows.com.


But, I noticed a difference from the computers time, and that of everyother clock in the house. I phone our Telephone Clock here in the UK which stated that Windows XP was running some five minutes slow (Great Britain GMT)


This morning it was 9 mins slow. Changed it to Time.Nist.Gov, which put my clock back on track.


So I suggest to people they check their computers, as M$'s own time server is running slowly.



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hmm.... good to know, thanks!


I wouldn't mind if my clock were only seconds off, but I would like to keep it accurate at least to the minute. Mine was about 3 minutes off when I fixed it.


Hey, maybe this is a conspiracy by MS: to change the world time from being centered around GMT to their own MST (MicroSoft Time)....

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