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NT 4.0 installation on SONY vaio FX401 Problems

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I recently purchased a new laptop Vaio FX401 (Duron 800, VIA chipset, 15Gb Hd, QSI DVD, 128Mb Ram) and being a true supporter of NT 4.0 I wiped the preintsalled XP off the harddrive and went on to installing NT 4.0:


I booted from CD, my ATAPI cdrom was detected and all was well, up to the partitioning point. I had previously set up a partition (second primary, ntfs, with PQmagic) where I would install NT. NTs installation programm reported thay partitions were corrupt and that it would like to reformat the installation partition. No problem I thaught. When it attempted to format the partition it returned an error code and said I should contact my software dealer.


I also tried to create a new partition in setup. Nothing worked. It would either hang, or report that it wanted to reformat the partition.


After many attempts I went on to create a basic installation on my desktop an then used Ghost to copy the partition onto my laptop. Then I installed all of the drivers (VGA, sound lan etc) That worked fine for a while until I installed all of my software. After which it refused to boot.


It gets to the blue screen and then crashes and says something about the recovery options.


Please help as this is the forth time that I have reconfigured my original ghost installation!


Is it possible that my hardware is just not "compatible" with nt4???



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