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Opinions on the EPOX EP-8K7A?

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I've got the 8K7A+ board and it's great. The only difference between the 8K7A and the 8K7A+ is that the + board has an onboard RAID controller.


Setup is dead easy, and performance is tops. For overclocking, you set the multiplier on the board with dip switches, and the base FSB speed (100 or 133) is set with a jumper. You can then change the FSB in the BIOS.


Voltages for the RAM and core are set using jumpers on the board as well. Not as easy as it could be, but not overally difficult to use.


Setup under Windows 2000 was easy, just install 2K, then use the supplied CD to install the mobo drivers.


WinXP is even easier. Just install XP and sets everything up. No messing with 4in1 drivers or anything (but some XP 4in1s are available from the VIA site if you fancy them).


The board can suffer from a low 5v rail though, and this can limit your overclocking potential. Running my 1.2@1.4 causes the 5v line to drop to around 4.61 under load. The machine is still stable at this, but it does mean I can't clock any higher. If you have a Sparkle PSU you can adjust the pots inside it to increase the voltages. Enermax PSUs (which I have) seem to have the most voltage drop.

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