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Adaptec 19160 & WinXP

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Hi Y'all,

Later today I'm hopefully installing WinXP onto a couple of PC's here at work.

Both of these machines have Adaptec 19160 SCSI controllers in.

Just popped along to www.adaptec.com to confirm compatability (http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support...%20Windows%20XP)


I notice that under the 19160 card it says:

Driver Embedded in WinXP - No

Driver Available - TBD


Has anybody here on the forum got an Adaptec 19160 and is using WinXP?

Did you just install the Win2k driver?



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Now I'm confused.

Popped along to the Microsoft Hardware compatability list for WinXP (http://www.microsoft.com/hcl/) and guess what, they say WinXP has embedded drivers for this card and it's 'compatible' under the list.

So, who knows more about compatability of an Adaptec card under Microsoft Windows, Adaptec or Microsoft?

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Oh well I really should have known!

If I've learnt only one thing after x amount of years as a System's Administrator it's simply don't bother with documentation and jumpt straight in there!

I shall be installing onto the machines with 19160 cards in tomorrow, they will either work or not smile

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