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Win xp Pro Highpoint

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I am having some problems. I have xp pro installed with a raid controller and when I hit f6 whil installing it would not work. SO I let it go with out installing raid drivers. Now windows thinks I have a SCSI drive. It has the highpoint drivers installed. ver 1.05. Everything works but is very sluggish. On scisoft benchmark i am onl getting 20000 where as in win2k and win 98 I was getting double that. I tried to put older highpoint drv in but xp says it has the best ones already and will not allow me to change them. Has any one else had these same problems


abit k7a

athalon 1gig

384 meg ram

duel ibm 45 gig HD's in raid 0

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Its normal for it to say its a SCSI drive in XP when its on the highpoint. The way i did it as to let it install without pressing F6 as it has the drivers already. Then when your in windows get hold of the 1.03 drivers and install them in place of the XP defaults. All the drivers after 1.03 have given me really bad mouse 'jitter' and skipping sound. When you say it wont allow you to change them, im sure you can overide it and have it install anyway.


Anyway hope this helps.


[ Sorry Four&Twenty, you must have posted that while is was typing smile ]

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