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Plz tell me wheather these hardwares are compatible

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Hi all, plz tell me wheather these hardwares are bcompatible to Mandrake Linux 9.1.Plz suggest me so that I can continue with my existing hardwares.


1. Sis 630 Display controller.

2.Microtek analog monitor.

3.Intel 810,815,845,865,875wpl,SIS 630 motherboards.

4.sarta`s Hardware RAID (HDD)

5.Plz tell me how I can configure Hardwre RAID on Mandrake 9.1.


I am going to migrate to MAndrake LInux 9.1 from windows and thats why I want to know wheather these hardwares are compatible.

If instead of using Mandrake Linux 9.1 any other Distribution of Linux will be more suitable w.r.t. my existing hardware(you know it is so expensive to upgrade all the hardware)plz suggest me that also.


thanks in advance.

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Why not just look at the hardware compatability database at the Mandrake site to see what hardware that you have is supported?


Look at the following;




From the Mandrake Community Edition features page;


Hard disks: IDE and SCSI hard disks are supported.

Hard disk size: At least 500MB is required, 1GB is recommended.

Serial ATA: Most controllers are supported in non-RAID mode.

SCSI controllers: most SCSI controllers are supported (Adaptec, Tekram, LSI Logic, Advansys...).

RAID controllers: most RAID controllers are supported, excepted for IDE and Serial-ATA. 3Ware IDE and Serial-ATA RAID controllers are supported though.


I assume that you did mean sata raid in point #4?


If so, Mandrake 9.1 will not work, out of the box.


I understand that Fedora Core 2, which should be out in the next several weeks, will have this support.

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