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can't load gui in White Box Linux using AIW Radeon 9800pro

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I installed White Box Enterprise Linux on my comp a couple days ago. However, it can't get into the gui seeming to have something to do with the graphics settings. I have an All In Wonder Radeon 9800pro which linux recognized as a radeon 9800 during installation. Also in the instal I set the res to 1024x768 16bit. In windows I've downloaded the Linux drivers from ATI hoping this would fix the problem. But of course I don't know how to access this file from the command prompt in linux. Can anyone help me out with this, perhaps you have experience with the same vid card? thanx.

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I don't know about White Box, but there is another thread about this, which I will try to find.


You may want to follow this thread and see how it went for the user and consult with him/her.


This is a common issue for ATI Radeon users. Many linux distros have problems properly identifying the card correctly.


What I do know, is that if the kernel source and header packages are not installed by default, you have to add them.


How far you want to go with this depends on how much experience that you have with Linux.


The other suggestion is to check out the White box web site to see if they have an answer for your issue.


The other thread is located at the following;




Also, here are the install instructions, that will give you an idea what you need to do.




Another thread that discusses the problem;



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lol, new to linux so I'll have to start with the very basics. Don't even know how to access my cdrom :x If I could do that perhaps I could at least then attempt installing the ATI linux drivers. Nor do I know how to install kernal source and header packages. I've been using my knowledge of DOS to help me with the command prompt in white box but thats only getting me so far... well not very far, lol. The two thread links you posted could possibly help me at some point but I'm not quite to those yet.

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