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Free Linux CD! Knoppix 3.4

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If you don't have broadband this could be a good deal, however, I usualy get Knoppix from the mirrors in about 1/2 hour or less. If you have broadband, I'm not sure it's any advantage... Unless you want the sticker ;-).

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Cool. I'd love to have a sticker to attach to my laptop! Also a good looking version of Knoppix to have instead of my AT&T cd-r.


There you go! I'm doing it 'cause I can get the next version w/o downloading, verifying then burning. Not hard, just a bit time consuming. I hope the sticker is just a Linux one. I'd like to have it on my box, if possible in the little square box where the manufacturer's logo would be. (Maybe I can design one with my name on it?) 8)

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