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counterstrike on XP 2600

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I cant get counterstrike to run frown


i get a message saying my card does not support openGL mode ?


the card is a Nvidia MX400 .... im using the drivers which came with XP2600...


can anyone help me with this.....


all worked fine under 2K and 98 ........



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thanks , i updated the drivers and openGL works.... but it still doesnt play properly ..........


I was playing and this message popped up " sorry the halflife executable has an error and will close the program" ????


AppName: hl.exe AppVer: ModName: client.dll

ModVer: Offset: 00056603


and then dumped me back to desktop .......... also if i drop the console in CS the game crashes ??

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I've noticed XP doesn't run HL too well in D3D or OpenGL. I'd guess just play around with different drivers.

I know I've seen something about getting HL to run fine in XP somewhere here, I just don't remember which thread.

May also want to check the Games database here for any hints.

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Brian its fixed mate , runs so sweet smile

XP rocks .........


You can switch WinXP into compatibility mode on a shortcut by shortcut basis for troublesome appz or games. It works like this: You have a game or app that won't run under WinXP, you right click the shortcut and choose properties, compatibility mode. A drop down menu shows you the different modes you can switch to (Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinNT). Pick the one you want and then your program will run.


Superb feature.


Im running it in 98 mode .... and its great



man thats so cool .............




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