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Problem with Red Hat Linux Enterprise AS Inst

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I have this problem: after first disk installation after request for the second one I get the message:"The cdrom drive can't mounted"


Is anyone knows what is that mean?

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It usually means that the cd drive is having trouble reading the cd. This can be caused by a number of factors.


Are you usng the packaged set of cd's or did you burn your own?

If you burned your own;


1. An older cd drive that has trouble reading cd's burned by a cdrw drive (yes I know, but the first was read by the bios at boot). Laptop drives can also cause issues like this.


2. Funky or cheap cdrw or cdr media.


3. Failure to burn the iso's at a slow enough speed. Despite the rating of the cdrw drive, iso's have to be burnt at a slow speed (8X or less) to burn properly.


4. Sometimes, cdrw media act funky with iso images. Then they work fine with cdr media.


5. Failure to burn all the iso files as image files, in other words, just burning them as data files.


If this is a boxed set, sometimes you have to coax the cd drive by reinserting the media again and trying to remount (get the drive to read the cd again).

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