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Visual Studio, PeachTree Accounting. Can I change Apps that

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I am an administrator in a college. We recently upgraded to NT5 and are having a few permission problems not seen in NT4. For ex: Visual Studio, PeachTree, and Quickbooks need to be installed as administrator (this is normal), but the user has to be a power user to use. We DON'T want our students to be power users but we still want them to be able to use the software. App companies say this is an operating system issue, Microsoft says this is a software company issue. Other than making seperate groups for individualized applications, is there any simple way so that standard users can use this software? We are talking about hundreds of computers and thousands of users on a domain. Thank you in advance.

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In most cases, it involves the software trying to change HKLM reg keys, rather than HKCU. I have had the same issue with two different programs:


1. MP2 Maintenance Tracking Software. This seems to only affect Win2K. It got so bad, that I wound up making him a member of the local power users group. This wasn't a major issue, since it was just one person that doesn't do much on the PC.


2. Best Software "WinFAS" (Fixed Asset Software). The fix at the time, was to give full control access over the ODBC keys. This problem also occurred in both NT4 and Win2K. While I didn't care for this, it was much better than giving Power User access. If you can find out which keys they are, you may be able to get it working. Also, I have read where people have tried relocating the entire key for that piece of software to HKCU (where the user can R/W to it) and have been able to function perfectly fine without account modification.


The issue is that the software company isn't writing according to the "rules" of registry use in NT/W2K. As in the case of WinFAS, the next major revision fixed the issue.

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