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Lindows 4.5 on notebook

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Yes, except that I have the laptop version. Is this the free version that was offered, or are you an insider and have access to the development version.


People have reported various results with the stock version on laptops.


If you are an insider or a registered user, check the forum. You should able to be logged in as a guest.


If not let me know.


What I would suggest is if you do try it, do not use a takeover hard disk install. Create a seperate partition for Lindows to use at the end of the drive.


Many Dell systems have system and recovery partitions at the begining of the hard drive that should not be overwritten. A takeover install will wipe Windows and possibly the recovery partition.


So, I would suggest a dual boot configuration, so that Windows and the hidden recovery partition is untouched, usig takeover a partition.


Let me know what you think.

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Thanks for your answer ,

i'm an insider and i've got the developper version of lindows.I've tried many OSes (OS2 , Redhat 7, Mandrake 8...) on this laptop as this machine is only for test purpose so the hard drive is completly empty (no partitions)

What do you think about this Os ?

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I have Lindows laptop edition (not the most recent) on my thinkpad. Besides, Mandrake, it is the most stable and all my hardware works, except, of course, the built-in AMR softmodem.


On laptops, make sure you have a hardware modem, unless you have a built-in LAN card and are using this to connect to the web.


I have the latest laptop version burned but not installed yet. However, they have been working on some of the softmodems (Lucent) so it may have improved.


The Thinkpad also has a hidden recovery partition, which I described above, so this was an issue for me. Takeover partition install was fine.


You may also want to do a Google search on your system linux Dell I4000 and see what others have experienced with Linux in general on their systems. Usually there is one hardware issue, mostly the modem or video card. Remember, most laptops have some legagcy hardware, so this could be an issue.


Ditto on the Lindows forum.


I was surprised that my touchpad worked out of the box, although I prefer a regular PS2 mouse on a laptop.


Hm... depending on what you find, I will probably do an install over the weekend.


One word of caution. Each new version generally wipes the previous install. Lindows has not yet offered upgrades between versions on their laptop editions. But this may have chnaged in recent months.

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