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Linux for Laptop Recommendations

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Alright i just got linux for my desktop and i want to put it on my laptop the thing is the specs are extremely low

166mhz intel mmx

16 bit creative soundcard

16 mb video card unsure manufacture

2 gig hard drive

so it needs to take up little space and be very small as well as stable

any recommendations and is it even smart to put linux on a laptop.

thanks in advance for the help

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got it issue though it says you passed an undefined mode number


press return to see video modes space to skip


again im clueless as to the graphic card

the laptop is a micron transport xpe


when i load it the screen just stays black the cd rom is 4x though

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are you suggesting i switch the inside with a nvidia the inside is like a rats nest it is not fun taking apart and i dont know what card it is


but i also have



Gibraltar Firewall

Red hat




and slackware


you think any of these would work on my laptop

i just love cable


and the vid card gave some options im just not fast enough to write it down because then it goes straight into the linux kernel which, and then it is done i dont think i can use a live cd judging by both the processor and cd speed


i tried featherlight and left it on for three hours still hasnt boot

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I couldnt get gentoo before i had to go


but i did get debian on there


i installed the first cd but not the second because it took 20 minutes to load the second


anyway its text interface anyway to get to a gui


and linux found the video card to be vesa vga which is odd because under win2k pro it found it to be a svga becaue i had high resolution going.

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