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Dapper Dan

Winex3 Half-Life, Counter Strike, Team Fortress

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I thought that you were too old to play these games? laugh


Hey, just a note, I was just made a LAN admin. at my job site. This is, or course, a volunteer thing, with no extra pay.


Looks like I will be applying some of the knowledge that I have picked up over the years.


I bet no one would ever guess what my real job is!


Now if I could just get them to switch to a Linux server...

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You probably are like me in that I'm always looking for ways to make my business easier with Linux. Just last week, I got fed up with all the financial software that is offered in Windows as well as Linux. I also have a restaurant, and all book keeping programs I've tried are extremely bloated with way too many features I won't ever use. So, I decided to create my own under Gnumeric. It works great, and has saved me a big chunk of time doing books! smile


Anyway, have you ever played TF?

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