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Gr, what did i do..i feel like a complete newb again.

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Just as i thought i was getting a little bit better at linux...everything starts going wrong lol....so right nwo, i restarted my comp...and it seemed fine, well except it was taking a while to boot...now when i get to my loginscreen(in fedora) it doens' tload the login prompt, just kepts the mouse with a timer on it rotating....what have i done? any ideas how to fix it? I tried doing the ctrl alt backspace,and could log in, but the gui keeps poping up not allowing me to use even the non-gui...ick, help? tried rebooting, and even did the system integrity check....


update: been sitting watchign the spinning timer, and the screen went to screensaver then i moved it and it went back to the twirling timer...


update!: I restarted to the older kernel, and did a reboot that way, when i restarted to fedora, it actually went to the proper start up screen(the one with the comp, and the fancy gui) but then when it went to the login in, it did the mouse again...and i just got to reboot in that kernel but still getting the twirling mouse after the intial fedora boot screen(the one where it starts up network etc etc)...help


another update: i am in the non-gui logged in as root...how do you run programs and such in this...and is there sound and all? and graphics or do i need to get the gui working? Also is there anyway i can fix it now? got these errors when trying to open graphical progs, could not initialze any graphics driver tried the follwoing drivers x:

Can't open display "(null)"


Cannot open /dev/fb0

also wheni try todo telinit 5 it just goes back to the same blue screen with mouse turning.


great update! found out that the libxml2 was a big main file in the gui=p using up2date to try to install it...too bad it staleld halfway into the download lol


bam fixed...used wget finally..and type the whole addreess, and now gui works perfectly..except i'm specitcal about up[censored] like the redhat icon is telling me.







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