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I upgraded from RH9 to Fedora over the weekend, and was pleased to see many unresolvable issues with RH 9 have been addressed and corrected. I was however disappointed that Galeon was not included in the release, and apt-get demanded it's deletion, otherwise it would recognize it as a broken package.

MozillaFirebird, which I installed under RH9 is ok with me, except the fonts, are positively hideous! Through apt-get, I installed Firefox in Fedora, and the fonts now look as good, and maybe better than they did in Galeon. I am very pleased with it. smile

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I just installed RH9 on my laptop but I'm having some troubles.....maybe tomorrow I'll donload Fedora.....but I'd need a Http link or a mirror site as the proxy of the campus lab doesn't let me connect to FTPs.....


if you have alink or a mirror on which fedora is predent.....it's really welcome!



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