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MSN style Video Conferencing in Linux

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Hello everyone,


I recently given Microsoft the boot and almost completely moved to linux. I have done this by installing the Blag Distro: see http://www.blagblagblag.org

(Blag is based on Red Hat 9 - and comes bundled with a bunch of Internet goodies including gaim...)


The only Windows functionality that I havent been able to replace thus far - is Video Conferencing via MSN with my friends and Family back home (I am living overseas right now)


I was wondering, do any instant messengers for linux have a video conferencing option like MSN does?


If so, please let me know - thanks

Also - if there are any development efforts in this area - send me the link as I too am a comp sci dude...





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Do a Google search on amsn and gnomemeeting and look to see if video conferencing is supported. Can you install RedHat RPM packages in your distro?

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BLAG comes with gnomemeeting, which is a netmeeting compatible video conferncing program.


If gnomemeeting wasn't installed when you did your initial install, you can download and and install it like this (run as root from command line):


apt-get update

apt-get install gnomemeeting


It will then be in the "Internet" menu item as "Video Conferencing"


You can also update your BLAG system by running:

apt-get update

apt-get dist-upgrade


This will sync you with the current release, 9002.


(BLAG uses both RPM and apt by the way)

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