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how to run xmms??????

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Depending on what distro you are running, (mdk 9.2?) It should already be installed. To find out, open a terminal and type:


xmms [enter]


Did it come up? If so, it should be in your menu somewhere. smile

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munzer xmms is already installed in ur system. to run it simply open terminal and type xmms [enter] as told by Dapper Dan

however u have to download and install the plugin for xmms to run mp3 files, because that support doesnt comes with it originally.


download the plugin for xmms from following url




download it and install it using following command


rpm -Uvh xmms-mpg123-1.2.7-21.i386.rpm [enter]


after this open xmms and enjoy the sound of disco smile


and yeah, please dont type [enter], just use the enter key wink

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There are a few basic ideas for ou for reference...one is there are a few websites that you should know..rpmfind.net and freshrpms.net both are good for red hat users....when you search on rpmfind just make sure oyu get the rpm file not src one...and the correct one for your system...in mine it is always highlighted...it would be called Red hat 9.0 under the sytem...also here are some basic commands...all in terminal

su -makes you root

rpm -i [file name] -makes it install

rpm -Uvh [file name]- make it update

yum check-update -checks up dates and list them for your system, use this instead of up2date

yum update -updates all the available packages

yum install -y [package name] -installs the packages with answering yse to all install questions the package name is obtained from the get update list

i think that is some of the basics.....i'll work on getting a few post to a large tutorial of commands for you but atm not spending much time on web, on vacation at whistler.

oh and fedoranews.org has some nice tutorials



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Hi everybody, I'm new here.


About munzer's problem, why don't you all tell him (or her?) how to compile the application. He looks like downloaded the source code.

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