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which is better?

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I use RH 9 and love it far better than my days with Mdk 9. I thought Mdk 9.1 qnd 9.2 were so problematic that I switched to RH. Right now, I'm installing Fedora Core 1 on my mom's computer. So far it looks great, and it does seem to boot up faster than RH 9.

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The difference between redhat 9 and fedora is that RedHat used to sell both a desktop version of linux and an enterprise server version. They offered free support for the desktop version even if you didn't pay for it. This turned out to not be very profitable. The most profitable part of their company was in the server arena. So they no longer release a RedHat desktop version but have rather renamed it to Fedora and created an open source community around it where RedHat supports it financially and with some of their own programmers, but alot of it is done by the community now as well.

The only real difference is that RedHat doesn't offer official support for it anymore and its name is different now. Instead of being RedHat 10 its Fedora 1 (soon to be 2). Since RedHat has opened the project, a ton has been accomplished. Fedora is by far superior to any previous desktop version released by RedHat and probably anyother linux company. Fedora is composed of entirely free software, is super easy to install, and runs extremely fast. It also has great support and features for almost every hardware configuration I've seen. Fedora has really impressed me and since it's release, it is the only distro that I've installed on other people's computers. Things just work and it keeps you updated with new fixes and such.


I understand that you are a noob but when you gain more knowledge of linux you'll appreciate "yum" and "apt" for rpm which are both package managers ran by the command line where you simply type something such as "apt-get install some_program" and it does everything for you smile If your wondering about my credentials, I've been using FreeBSD for about 4 years, and Linux for about 3. I currently only use Debian (for servers) and Fedora(desktop), I've gone through Mandrake, SUSE, Lycoris, Xandros, Slackware, etc... and have settled on Fedora as my main desktop distro. One other good aspect with Fedora is that it contains the latest and greatest technology and stays updated, they also has a release period of every 6 months, so it is always rapidly getting better and improved.



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