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Fedora installatoin

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Anyone know how to fix this prob...whenever i go to change cd roms during installation, it says the new cd rom can't be mounted....the fricking work...and if i use my second cd rom drive it will auto change to that one but when it is done witht hat cd it says it can't unmount it even though i can open the cd rom drive....help?


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It'd be more helpful if you could provide us with a little more information. i.e. what kind of box you have, what CD/DVD drives you have, etc...


Regardless, it may be a corrupt CD. Are you sure it burned ok? If you burned it a high speed then the chances of an error occuring during the burn process are much higher. I've installed Fedora on several machines and haven't had this problem. If it persists, then try booting with the second cd drive and only using that one. You may have to alter your BIOS. If you could provide more information it'd be great, I'd like to talk to some people on the Fedora Dev list about a possible bug if it turns out that it is a Fedora problem rather then a bad CD.


Please update this forum with your results, we are here to help.




P.S. Is this your first time trying linux? Or just your first time trying Fedora and you have previous experience with linux.

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