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Office clipboard

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When I use Word and Excel I often need to use the clipboard. This isn't particulary unusual. The one thing that is really begininning to get annoying is the "enhanced" clipboard.


Anyone know how I can tell word/excel etc not to use that but to default to the normal system one only?



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To alter the settings for the Office clipboard you’ll need to display the Microsoft Office Clipboard in the task pane, to do this select “Office Clipboard” from the Edit menu. Once you’ve done this select “Options” from the Office Clipboard task pane. Then you can set the options you want...


Show Office Clipboard Automatically

Automatically displays the Microsoft Office Clipboard when copying items.


Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard

Automatically copies items to the Office Clipboard without displaying the Office Clipboard.


Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar

Displays the Office Clipboard icon in the status area of the system taskbar when the Office

Clipboard is active.


Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying

Displays the collected item message when copying items to the Office Clipboard.


Hope that helps!

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