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Red Hat 9 + Evolution + Exchange 2003 POP

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Ok...I have an Exchange 2003 server running in Windows Server 2003 in my organization. It's acting as a typical Exchange server to XP client machines with Outlook. However, I also have POP and IMAP enabled. The server's DNS entry is "MAIL" for both incoming and outgoing mail. Therefore, mail.mydomain.com is the address used to get pointed to the Exchange server.


Using Ximian Evolution, I'm unable to connect to both POP and IMAP. I tried with Outlook and all was OK. Anybody experience the same type of problem? The closest i've come to successfully being able to check mail with POP is by using NTLM/SPA authentication for both directions. It still doesn't work, but it at least does not error out, nor does it prompt me again for a password.


Any thoughts?

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I've successfully done this with the Mozilla mail client and exchange running on a windows 2000 server that I administrate. It works fine for me and has for as long as I can remember. If I were you I'd double check all of the settings that you entered into Evolution , post them here if you can and if its not a security problem. Also are you trying to access it from inside the network or outside? Do you possibly have POP/IMAP blocked by a firewall? I know that this works (because I use it) so I'll try my best to help you. First things first though, make sure everything you set is how you thought you set it (i.e. make sure POP and/or IMAP really is enabled). You also said that you've done this with outlook, was it using the same user account? If not then it may be a permissions problem. If none of this works please reply with more info or you can email me.



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