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Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB Review

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View this email in your browser (http://mailchi.mp/823763ff5864/samsung-portable-ssd-t5-1tb-review?e=8138df6da5)



** Benchmark Reviews Presents:



TITLE: Samsung Portable SSD T5 1TB Review (https://benchmarkreviews.com/48307/samsung-portable-ssd-t5-1tb-review/)


QUOTE: Solid state memory, while remaining significantly more expensive that traditional mechanical hard disks, continues to encroach on their territory. Inexpensive and high-capacity bus-powered USB external drives are even being challenged by external SSDs, for consumers who appreciate the advantages of much higher performance, smaller size, and greater reliability they afford. Samsung has been a pioneer in this field with their Samsung Portable SSD T3 external drives, and today Benchmark Reviews checks out their latest product, the 1 terabyte Portable SSD T5.


LINK: https://benchmarkreviews.com/48307/samsung-portable-ssd-t5-1tb-review/





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** (http://benchmarkreviews.com)


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