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Genius Mobile Theater MT-20 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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View this email in your browser (http://mailchi.mp/ca628c54d259/genius-mobile-theater-mt-20-bluetooth-speaker-review?e=8138df6da5)



** Benchmark Reviews Presents:



TITLE: Genius Mobile Theater MT-20 Bluetooth Speaker Review (https://benchmarkreviews.com/48180/genius-mobile-theater-mt-20-bluetooth-speaker-review/)


QUOTE: Built to serve as a wireless bluetooth speaker with theater-like surround sound, the Genius Mobile Theater MT-20 makes a great wireless speaker that offers portability and surround sound on the go. The MT-20 comes with a sturdy built-in handle, a 3.5 mm AUX port, and a micro-SD card slot for playing music straight off a card. It also has a built-in seven watt subwoofer to enhance sound quality with music and videos. The MT-20 is available in two colors; silver and black. KYE Systems sent Benchmark Reviews their Mobile Theater MT-20 in black for this review.


LINK: https://benchmarkreviews.com/48180/genius-mobile-theater-mt-20-bluetooth-speaker-review/





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** (http://benchmarkreviews.com)


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