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Need a decent browser for XP Pro!

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Been trying out a load of browsers, and not finding any I can tolerate. All seem to be obsessed with 'security certificates'. Either refusing to take me to the site I want to go to, or making me do 5 to 10 mouse clicks to add an exception (to force the browser to take me to the site it should of taken me to from the start). I need a browser that is not determined to be my Nanny, Nursemaid, and Bodyguard. I need a browser that will get me to the site I direct, without any fuss, and I do not care if linux.org, comodo.com, or any other site has a proper security certificate. I have four secure browsers (Comodo IceDragon, SRWare Iron, CyberDragon &Whitehat Aviator), now I need one that is actually reliable, and will take me where I want to go without giving me any grief. Anybody know of one?

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