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Reolink 5MP Security Camera Review @ OCC

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A news post would be great.


OCC has published a review on the Reolink 5MP Security Camera


Here is a quote from the review:



â€ÂSo, the new 5MP brings Reolink to a new level of image quality. I was quite happy with the images from my 411WS with its 4-megapixel sensor (2560 x 1440), but wow - the 5-megapixel sensor opens you up to 3072 x 1728 resolution, and that is a significant step up. Bigger is better, right? Well, yes - but the roughly 30% increase in resolution means a fair amount of additional data can be streaming through your network, and if you have an older or inadequate network, then the extra data load may slow you down a bit. Add a few 5MP cameras to your system and you may soon be in the market for a nice network upgrade.â€Â


Title: Reolink 5MP Security Camera Review

Link: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/reolink_5mp_security_camera/

Img: http://www.overclockersclub.com/siteimages/articles/reolink_5mp_security_camera/3_thumb.jpg



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