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Project Build: Carmine - Part 3 – Custom all the t?= hings @ LanOC Reviews

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*TITLE:* Project Build: Carmine - Part 3 – Custom all the things ( -at -) LanOC




*DESCRIPTION:* Wow, so it was all the way back in April when our last

installment of this build was published. Back at that point Ryzen 7 was

new, now we have Ryzen 3 and 5 as well as Threadripper. So things have been

a little crazy. At the time I was looking at cooling options and the

original plan was just to add an AIO cooler but at the time no one had AM4

brackets available. I ended up reaching out to Alphacool, they had

contacted me a year or two ago about working together on a build but I

didn’t have anything that really fit. It just so happened they had AM4

support early on, fitting this build perfectly. I will go into more details

inside, but I ran into multiple delays and hiccups but Carmine is finally

all together. It’s about time we catch up and show off what has been done

to the build.











Thank you for your help



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