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Meld 3.17.3

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Meld 3.17.3 has been released, and is now available at:







* Fix folder compare when using text filters (Alsan Wong)

* Make activity spinner show when inline comparisons are running (Kai


* Migrate back from threads to multiprocessing for inline diffs; unusual

CPU contention caused this to harm interactivity (Kai Willadsen)

* Manually refreshing a file comparison sometimes caused diff navigation

to break (Kai Willadsen)

* Folder comparisons that update their state no longer break navigation

(Kai Willadsen)

* Version-control comparison on missing files now work again (Kai


* Fix regression in initial focus for folder comparisons (Kai Willadsen)

* Fix handling for added, partially staged files in git (Kai Willadsen)

* Bugs fixed: 784436, 785603, 785859, 786043






* Daniel Mustieles (es)

* Matej UrbanÄÂiÄ (sl)



What is Meld?



Meld is a visual diff and merge tool. It lets you compare two or three files,

and updates the comparisons while you edit them in-place. You can also compare

folders, launching comparisons of individual files as desired. Last but by no

means least, Meld lets you work with your current changes in a wide variety of

version control systems, including Git, Bazaar, Mercurial and Subversion.



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