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What is MandrakeMove ?

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Hi there,


I looked at this last week, and I like the concept, It costs upto $/€ 69... in which case I think it comes with a USB key as well. If it does, this represents great value for money, not only are you rewarding the developers for their work, but you'd get what is probably the best 'live' distro so far.


The basic principle here is that you can pop the Move CD into the drive of any machine that will boot from CD and connect your USB key and the result will be the same desktop that you had the last time you used it, with your files, email settings, passwords all held on the USB key.


There may be some here who will say, "I've done that already", but Mandrake are providing a tool for the non-techie, Linux power in your pocket so to speak. I always carry a copy of Knoppix or Morphix even (especially) when troubleshootin' Win Machines...


...I've just read your post again (to check I'm answering the right question!) and it sounds as if you've bought Mandrake recently, Did you get a USB key with your package - It sounds as though the Move CD was included.



Read the Move Data Sheet here - pdf


Knoppix can also be configured to work in a similar way, a rough version is to cram it all onto a usb key check out this howto


Has anyone seen any other links to make a Move-like CD? i.e. a Live Distro whith some mechanism for retaining your settings and data in a better arrangement than storing them to floppy?

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Thanks, Nebulus and PC-Janitor. You are right, it seems to be a very interesting feature. You don't need to buy an carry on a laptop, you only carry-on your CD and your USB key, and you work on any PC you can boot on. Really nice.

Thanks for the info


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