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Chess Mates on windows 10

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Hi, i am trying to run the old game Chess Mates on my windows 10 computer. I still have the disc for the game, but i cant get the setup or install programs to work. When i try to run the application ''INSTLR95'', i get the prompt asking if i want to allow the app to make changes, i select yes, and then i get the following error message:


Title - ''INSTLR95.EXE - Entry Point Not Found''


''The procedure entry point SUnMapLS_IP_EBP_12 could not be located in the dynamic link library E:/DSETUP.dll''




of course the DSETUP.dll is a file on the game disc


I have tried running the program in compatibility modes for Windows XP service pack 3 as well as Windows 95

But it wont work. please help if possible!

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Hi.  I was able to play Chess Mates on a windows 10 computer. I had to create a virtual machine inside of my computer and installed windows 98.  Then I could install and play the program when the disc was in the disc drive.  It may not be worth the trouble but cool that I was able to make a 21 year program work.

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