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Help installing Linux on Sony Vaio computer

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I recently bought a new Sony Vaio PCV-RS310:


2.4B GHz Intel Pent. 4

80 GB, ATA-100


Intel® 845GV integrated graphics

Current OS: WinXP home ed.


I've been doing research and I've found nothing out there to try to find out which Lunix would be compatible with this desktop. So my first question is if anybody has had success installing Linux in this type of computer, or which version is it compatible with?


I am so desperate to change to Linux, but I haven't had success in installing a previous version of Red Hat Linux 8.0 that I had. When I install this version of Lunix as a dual boot, it is able to install it, but as it is doing its first boot it crashes or goes out of bounds. It fails to boot up when doing something "compatible Eth01" check.


Another thing, when switching back to Windows throught the boot loader, which I think is GRUB, it totally messes up my computer and Windows is not able to boot up again. ;(


I've already tried installing it a couple of times from a Primary partition that I created (4 Gigs just to try it) and I still can't succeed instaling it. Also, I as am doing the /boot partion throught disk fruid, it gives me a message that this partition might create problems with my type of archetecture and they recommed creating a boot disk, which I didn't and had to restore the whole computer image twice....I really want to have Linux in my computer, so any help will GREATLY appreaciated. frown

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