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weird computer problem

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hi all


guys i am facing a weird and annoying problem in my computer. the problem is that while running, it reboots itself automatically. like i am on net browsing around or even if i am not on net, i am just USING it, playing some game or doing some work, suddenly it reboots itself automatically.


first i thought its some operating system problem. but i have user password set on my bios, so it doesnt boots up until i give the password. according to my knowledge, operating system doesnt loads up until i give password. so i started my computer and this password box comes up before loading operating system. i didnt give password and i waited and suddenly it rebooted itself. weird.


when i FORCE it to run, i.e when i constantly try to make it work after it reboots itself, i hear some scary kinda noise comming up from my CPU. i am not sure if it comes from my hard disk or motherboard or whatever. then i turn it off and wait for like an hour or so and then turn it on, it works ok. as now before writing this post i waited for about 40 mins and turned it on and now its working ok(so far).


i have windows98, windows2000 and Red Hat Linux 9, installed on my computer.


computer specifications are


intel® celeron 1.1ghz processor


Azza motherboard (which sucks, i got it anyways cuz i had limited funds)


128mb ram


40gb hdd


sony cd-rom


IBM ps/2 keyboard


A4tech ps/2 mouse (2 button)


Gateway2000 17 inch monitor


Lucent v.92 dual chipset hardware modem


Aikptek webcam


pixelview pro tv card.


Can any one suggest any solution to my problem?


Thanks for your precious time.


Good Day

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In most cases when hardware, and that is any hardware, (i.e. - car engines, boat engines, air conditioners, computers, etc.) works normally and gives problems after a while, and then you have to let it "cool down" for it to work normally again for another while, it is almost always heat related.

If you feel comfortable tinkering with it, you could take the side cover off, turn it on, and see if the fans on the processor, video card and so on, are running. They will freeze up sometimes do to dust and other outside particles. Make sure the ducts into and out of your box are dust free and not clogged. Check to make sure your fan is running properly. Don't touch anything while it is running though! Shut it off, and unplug, then ground yourself by touching the metal of the case before going in to work. Heat is my guess as to the source of the problem. I could be wrong though...

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Take Dapper Dan´s advice. If the fans don´t seem to be the problem and you can isolate the hard drive as making the noises, back up your important data immediately and consider a new hard drive.


If it seems like the fan, try to clean it, or blow it out. If it is the fan, do not let the system run for any amount of time. Fix it or replace it immediately.


How old is the hard drive in the system and what make is it?


If you got reboots with no noise, then you might consider a bad memory chip as the problem, if the problem occured in any OS that you were running.


But in your case, either the fan, hard drive or also look at the power supply, but don´t touch it while it is running.


Whatever you isolate as the source, consider replacement of that component.

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