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getting X and console working on a Samsung X10 portable

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Hi, i was just browsing for some tips on howto get my new portable to run linux redhat 9B.


I have read a few posts-mostly in german, which i unfortunately don't speak and has anyone got the link for that bable-fish translator site- about how thery had managed to get things working.


There is this problem with the display in that as soon as x has started, if you go to terminal mode with X running, the terminal does not have sync.


It says that you need to "enable support for frame buffer devices" and add "vga=791" in your lilo.conf.


I know enough about linux to know that these commands are "passing kernel parameters" with LILO.


Great, but I use grub.


To pass kernel parameters using grub, as far as I can work out , you just append them to the line of /boot/grub/grub.conf that starts with kernel.

In my case, i will need to append vga=791.


So , the only problem I have is how to pass the right parameter for grub to "enable support for frame buffer devices "


How do you do that then ???


BTW I guessed at my monitor config during the redhat-config-xfree86 gui.

I guessed at a samsung syncmaster 470S TFT, and it works real great except for the terminal sync problem.


Also, I am hoping to be able to reset my touchpad driver to the reccommended IMPS/2 type during the redhat-config-xfree86 GUI.


If this is not possible, then can somebody tell me how to do this please ??


BTW the best site for the X10 I have found so far is www.creative-sadness.de.


Another amusing point about this X10 is it had windoze xp on it, and it had been really badly installed. The filesystem had some kind of freaky error as it defied all attempts to resize it and all the normal tools wouldn't work on it. Also, the read/write cd-rom would not write using windoze! So, as the computer has no floppy, I decided to install redhat from scratch as a last resort. I completely wiped off windows, and have yet to install it again for all those touchy "what os are you running" telephone callcentre type situations as I know installing xp will just be a total drag.

Anyway, the redhat 9B I am using installed pretty much effortlessly.

I have now been using the computer with no problems for 2 weeks, and amm only now getting round to sloving some annoying problems like those described above.

Oh yes- and power management does not work in a big way and it looks quite tricky to get it working due to the crummy bios this computer comes with.

Come back, TOSHIBA, all is forgiven !

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This looks like a lot of work to get the system going. Looks like you need to recompile the kernel, add the NVIDIA drivers and make some changes to grub.


By the way, you lost me...what is RedHat 9B?




http://www.andreasgrau.de/index.php?lang:english;loc ;(10;subloc:null


There is a note on the NVIDIA website about the graphics problem;





Note the release highlights;


Fixed a problem that prevented X from running on Samsung X10 laptops.

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