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Host Login to Fedora Core 1

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I have just installed Fedora Core 1 on to a PC to be used as a firewall / router.


All went well, hardware ok, install complete, system reboot.


It's now asking me for a host login and password....


During the install, I don't recall being prompted for a login and password. I have also tried loads of different combinations of the possible login names and passwords I normally use.


HELP...! frown

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OK > I've checked a few other threads and tried typing "startx" but got bad command.


This could be the crunch > when I installed, I selected "minimum install - ideal for firewall/router" > I guess this means I have no graphical desktop.


The install is only on a 1.7Gb HDD, so not sure if enough space to install the extra...? Can anyone start guiding me through the process of setting up a firewall for my network please, pritty pritty please... wink

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