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Modem problem in new kernel(2.6.1)

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hi all


I encountered some problem when i tried to install my modem in newly comiled kernel. (i.e kernel 2.6.1)


the error messages i got while i was compiling sources for my modem is:


To begin compilation of lt_modem.o and lt_serial.o,  Enter make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop. Checking for driver products: Compilation of lt_modem.o failed, as expected from absence of modversions.hRead Compile_properly.txt from DOCs/. If you cannot solve the problem, send BLDrecord.txt to: discuss@linmodems.org


these were the last few lines i got when i was trying to install my modem. during installation in earlier steps it told me that modversions.h is not found cuz i didnt enable it in "Loadable Kernel Modules" option while compiling kernel. i recompiled it again and there was no such option in "Loadable Kernel Modules". Everything in "Loadable Kernel Modules" is enabled. only "Force Unloading Modules" is disabled there. but it still didnt work after recompiling kernel again.


so i went to my default kernel directory i.e /usr/src/linux-2.4 and from there i copied "modversions.h" file to newly compiled kernel directory i.e /usr/src/linux-2.6, but it still didnt work.


so right now i`m using my old default kernel of Red Hat9 to connect to internet. modem is installed successfully there.


any ideas whats going on down here? :x

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Did you install the module-init-tools package before compiling the kernel?


This is a common gotcha in 2.6.0.


The 2.4.X kernels use the package modutils and


2.6.0 uses module-init-tools.


Also, take a look at;




Thanks for reply.


I downloaded and installed both "modutils-2.4.25-10.i386.rpm" and "modutils-devel-2.4.25-10.i386.rpm" using my old kernel, as mentioned in the link you gave me. but that "modeversions.h" problem is still there. frownfrown

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For kernel 2.6.0, you need the module-init-tools package, not modutils, although having the latest modutils package prevents any possible dependency problems when installing module-init-tools.

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