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Linux newbie here

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Ok, so this is my second time trying to install Linux on a PC that already has Win XP on it. The first time with RedHat, everything was awful. Now, I'm trying Mandrake, but although the installation went fine (except that it didn't recognize my wireless mouse/keyboard combo, just the keyboard), I can't figure out how to get to the graphical interface. There is a graphical interface for Mandrake, right? Can anyone tell me how to lauch it from the command line or, better yet, how to have it lauch automatically from my boot screen?


Email me at scgtman@yahoo.com if you have answers for me, please.





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You are trying to run either MDK 9.1 or 9.2 right? There have been sooo many post here about not being able to get a gui with those versions! It is this same reason that I switched to RH 9.


Try typing as root:


kdm [enter]


If nothing works that way, try:


startx [enter]


Please tell me what errors you are getting. Does it keep trying to start X and finally gives up? From a terminal as root, try running:


XFdrake [enter]


Try different setups, and see if you can get one to work for you. What type video card are you using??

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