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Last year I purchased Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and in the same bundle I also purchased Microsoft Project Professional 2010, including a Product key.

I loaded both programs onto my HDD and it turns out they were counterfeit.

So I immediately contacted Microsoft to tell them about this, I gave them all the details of the transaction including the Product key which had occurred on eBay.

Microsoft then very kindly activated my software.

Note; this user has now been removed by eBay

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 has been running continuously without a problem.

But then over the weekend I wanted to use Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and as soon as I opened it up I got the alert message “this product is not activated†and a big red band across the top.

I was horrified, so yesterday I thought I will phone Microsoft to explain to them about the previous transaction and the fact that they only activated Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and did not activate Microsoft Project Professional 2010 as this was in the same package / purchase, this is even after me giving them the Product key.

1 HOUR and 55 MINUTES later on the phone I was no nearer to a resolution.

I got passed from advisor to advisor each one with a different title, and each time I relayed my story telling them everything and including the product key.

Eventually I was asked did I have a Microsoft Account [which I do] but I fail to see why a Microsoft Account should be needed to rectify a problem caused initially by Microsoft who did not activate both programs as was discussed initially.

So my question is as follows;

How do I get my copy of Microsoft Project Professional 2010 activated without another two hour phone call?



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