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A few problems in redhat 8.0

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I have just installed redhat 8.0 and I am having a few problems.


1) In the control center in configuring kernel tab, I made a change as my processor type was selected as pentium 3/celleron, as it is pentium4 so I changed it and at applying was prompted by a message saying "you just have to run make symlinks dep". I guess this has something to do with recompling the kernel, so I gave this command at the command prompt but it gave an error and stopped. So what do I have to do to configure the kernel through this control center?I was under the impression this visual toll does everything for you. I did notice in the lilo configuratoin that it was showing a compiled version but I couldnt boot via lilo and am booting through a floppy which brings me to my second question.


2) I am using to keeping all my OS's on the same disk in separate partitions. I dont like to install bootmanagers on my master boot record so I install them on the first sector of the boot partition and boot by making a linux.bin file containing raw boot information via the command "dd if=/dev/hdc9 bs=512 count=1 of=/mnt/vfat/linux.bin". The problem is that in redhat 8.0 the linux.bin file fails to give any response at all. I noticed another thing in the lilo configuration in the configuration center that is that the linear mode in enabled, that was not the case with 7.x. I tried changing that in the control center but got a message saying that something was wrong with the lilo.conf file and it advised to probe to get a new working lilo.conf. I did press the probe button but got no particular response which means there is still something fishy. If anyone can help me with this I shall be thankfull.

The interface in 8.0 is not good at all it is not simple but seems dumb, as there is more functionality and less icons and shortcuts to show this. Similarly the xmms bug as it cannot play mp3 properly should have been mentioned, as we only have to download a plugin for that and it only adds to a frustration.


I have a:

Pentium 4 processor

D850mv motherboard

256mb ram

geforce2mx400 64mb

built in soundmax soundcard.

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First thing, I take it you're starting the Kernel Configurator by (ultimately) typing 'make xconfig' in the root of the source tree. Are you also issuing 'make symlinks dep' in that same directory? If not, that could be the cause of your error.


As for your second problem, I wouldn't have a clue. I normally install LILO into my MBR so as to avoid crap like that

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