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All Fedora, all the time


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Linuxcompatible.org announces a new format change: All Fedora - All the time. Instead of being a resource for the entire Linux community; we will now focus solely on Fedora Core. ANY news relating to Fedora Core will be a headline item; no matter how mundane or trivial.


Mostly this change is due to the fact that we just love Fedora Core; I mean we *really* love it. In a completely unnatural way. Also we are trying to reduce our bandwidth needs - we expect our change of format to result in many totally pissed off regular visitors - who will not return. We remind the thousands of pissed off people that this content is provided to them free of cost. And now in the future it will be totally free of non-fedora core content.


All complaints will be ddirected to /dev/null

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Very funny, but could it not have waited until April the First - for a really good giggle...


Fedora is fabulous - agreed, but it's edge is in the baseline it provides. It might be great when all machines 'can' be Fedorised, ie when all packages needed by all people are available and maintained, but can isn't the same as should and some of the interesting parts of where Fedora should/is going next will develop out of the uses it is put to now. So if we all zip off immediately after our fresh install of the Fed. and add Frozen Bubble, maybe it's time for Redhat to push for more approved games.


I figure that the dynamics of a forum like this is more valuable than taking the company line and blindly following where they lead.



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