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Question for kernel progarmmer's(module compiletion problem)

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i am try to compile a simple hello world module


#include <linux/module.h> /* Needed by all modules */

#include <linux/kernel.h> /* Needed for KERN_ALERT */



#include <linux/modversions.h>


int init_module(void)


printk("Hello world 1.\n");

// A non 0 return means init_module failed; module can't be loaded.

return 0;


void cleanup_module(void)


printk("Goodbye world 1.\n");



on there included linux/modue.h have a structure atomic_t

this sturcture no have any defnition in any part of this header file or in any dependent header file


so plese help me to solve this proble this proble create a compiletion error

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