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Call for DebConf16/DebConf17 location ideas

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Now that many of you are enjoying DebConf14 in Portland, it's time to

start thinking about locations for future DebConfs. Do you know

somewhere near where you live that would make a good DebConf venue?


Currently we are looking for potential venues for DebConf16 in 2016.

You can see some related information in the DebConf wiki, at

https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16 -- please add your location

ideas there, even if they are only preliminary.


Bids listed on the wiki will be invited to present their ideas in a

session at DebConf on Friday:



We also invite people to start thinking about venues for DebConf17 and

later. You're welcome to make suggestions to the DebConf team at any

time, though at this stage it's more useful to persuade some local

people that it would be good to have DebConf there than to persuade us

that the place is nice.


As ever, feel free to ask relevant questions on the debconf-team


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