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NikKTech & Thermalright Worldwide Summer Giveaway

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Title: NikKTech & Thermalright Worldwide Summer Giveaway






Description: After a successful giveaway with our friends over at XSPC we

decided to assist more of you with the cooling of your CPUs and what better

way to do that than to partner with our other friends from Thermalright and

give not one but three of their latest Archon IB-E X2 CPU Air Coolers away?

Most of you have already read our worldwide first review of the Archon IB-E

X2 so you know what this excellent CPU cooler is capable off (so we didn't

pick this model at random). Typically in order to enter this giveaway you

need to take three very short steps:






Article Link:









Image Link:









A News Post Would Be Appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.





Nik Kastrantas





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