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IK Multimedia iLoud Studio-Quality Portable Speaker Review

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Title: IK Multimedia iLoud Studio-Quality Portable Speaker Review ( -at -)







Description: Testing wireless portable speakers while I'm away on business

or during one of my very short yearly vacations is something i really do

enjoy doing but although I've tested plenty such devices in the past I've

always felt that there's no way I've seen it all in terms of features and

performance. Sure numerous models have passed through here ranging from very

compact ones that can fit in the palm of your hand and up to very large ones

which i wouldn't quite call "portable" but all of them had one thing in

common, target audience. For good or bad every single one of those speakers

was aimed at regular consumers who just want to listen to their favorite

tunes and although i also belong in that category there are people who don't

and would like something more from a portable speaker. IK Multimedia caters

to professional musicians around the world and their latest iLoud

Studio-Quality Portable Speaker might just be exactly what some of them have

been looking for.






Article Link:









Image Link:










A News Post Would Be Appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.





Nik Kastrantas





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