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Antec ISK 600 Mini ITX Case Review

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Title: Antec ISK 600 Mini ITX Case Review ( -at -) NikKTech






Description: A few weeks back we promised to bring you several reviews of

mITX/mATX PC Cases and today we have yet another one for you from our

friends at Antec. My first encounter with an mITX case by Antec was back in

2009 when i managed to get their brand new then ISK 300-65 in my hands and

started building a small HTPC with equipment from ASRock, OCZ and other

manufacturers. It was a great little case but it lacked space for anything

more than just the smallest hardware components one could find around

something which in the end forced me to change my plans and search for

something larger. Fast forward almost 5 years in the future and Antec has

finally upped their game quite a bit so they've finally released something

that i only wish i could have back then the quite affordable yet gamer

oriented ISK 600.






Article Link:









Image Link:












A News Post Would Be Appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.





Nik Kastrantas





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