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Examining AMD’s Driver Progress Since Launch Drivers: R?= 9 290X & HD 7970

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Examining AMD’s Driver Progress Since Launch Drivers: R9 290X & HD



AMD and Nvidia both talk fairly big when it comes to driver updates.

With every driver iteration that is released we hear the usual

technical (or should that be marketing?) talk about improved

performance in this, that and the other. After a lot of thinking I

decided I wanted to investigate further. Wouldn't it be interesting to

see how much progress AMD and Nvidia actually make with their

drivers over the duration of a product's life cycle? We'll be starting

this two piece series with AMD and in particular I want to look at the

last two flagship single GPUs of each generation. I'll be putting the

XFX AMD HD 7970 Double Dissipation 3GB graphics card on the test bench

along with the XFX AMD R9 290X Double Dissipation 4GB graphics card:

that's the flagship single GPUs of the HD 7000 and R9 2xx series. I

will be benchmarking both graphics cards on an identical test system

at stock clocks under two different scenarios. Scenario 1 is using the

AMD driver package that they launched with and scenario 2 is using the

most recent AMD driver package made available. In this way we are able

to see the driver progress that AMD's HD 7970 and R9 290X have made

since they were both launched.









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