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Toshiba Nearline MG04ACA500A 5TB SATA III HDD Review

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Title: Toshiba Nearline MG04ACA500A 5TB SATA III HDD Review ( -at -) NikKTech






Description: After a couple of years stuck with up to 4TB HDD capacity

models all three major players in the market have finally crossed the 5TB

line and although i can't speak for all of you out there that's become

reason enough for both me and several people i know to celebrate since

instead of four 4TB drives we can now use two 6TB ones (imagine how much

difference that can make for professionals who own entire arrays of 4TB

drives). Capacity however is not the only thing that has improved since if

you've checked our review of the 6TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 model by

Seagate then you know that performance has also increased quite a bit and

although we've yet to test the Helium drive by HGST leaving back its

Ultrastar predecessors shouldn't be an issue. Today however our review

revolves around the latest addition in the Nearline Enterprise Class product

line by Toshiba the MG04ACA500A 5TB SATA III model.






Article Link:








Image Link:












A News Post Would Be Appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.





Nik Kastrantas





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